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Storm Soldiers II: No Hero Stands Alone

Storm Soldiers II is the second installment of the Tytan Pictures project examining the lives and careers of the brave men and women who work in America’s electrical utility industry. Partnered with Hubbell Power Systems and Chance Lineman Grade Tools, Tytan Pictures showcases the hardworking Americans who work in the industry. Generous sponsorship by Altec and Kermel, and support from Burndy, BEUCI, Northwestern Energy, NECA, IBEW, and IFD also contributed to the film. The first Storm Soldiers film was a story about the electrical utility industry itself documenting its history, its homeland, and its heroes. Through the first film, America was introduced to the men and women who literally put their lives on the line every day to keep electricity flowing. Storm Soldiers provided a comprehensive look into what linemen do, why they do it, and how truly dangerous their work is. In addition to raising significant funds for charity, Storm Soldiers introduced America to an almost invisible hero: The Lineman.

Storm Soldiers II is a deeper, more personal story. This story is about the linemen and the industry’s impact on their lives and families. Juxtaposing the linemen at home against their work and how their families see their jobs, Storm Soldiers II also documents what it’s like for linemen to work in dangerous and extreme conditions. Linemen often arrive to disaster scenes before first responders in order to ensure safety for rescue crews and help restore infrastructure. With a dynamic look at the struggles and triumphs of bringing electricity to communities, the film follows the linemen home to see their families’ reactions to their work and the impact the chaos has on both environments. These men and women represent the over 100,000 linemen in America who work without complaints or excuses.